Technical Assistance to Refugee Individual Development Account Programs

individual development accounts

ISED is one of the earliest advocates for asset development for low and moderate income people and is widely recognized as an innovator in the provision of technical assistance services to agencies and organizations that provide financial literacy training and Individual Development Account programming.

Project Overview

ISED’s goals for its IDA program clients are to help them to effectively and efficiently recruit low-income refugee savers, to provide financial literacy training, and to motivate and monitor clients as they save money to acquire assets such as a home, a vehicle, or to start a business. ISED accomplishes these goals by helping organizations locate and evaluate financial literacy curriculums, learn to effectively recruit and work with financial institution-partners, and to efficiently track and report saver behaviors and asset goal attainment.

Organizational Profile of Beneficiaries

ISED accomplishes this work on behalf of myriad organizations located across the United States who are funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement to assist refugees in their integration into mainstream American communities.

Project Activities

ISED serves its clients with a mix of strategies and approaches that are individualized and tailored to the needs of the organization and for the complexities of the market within which it operates. These strategies and approaches include:

  • Site based technical assistance visits Program assessments, design and redesign
  • Staff Training Program evaluation and MIS consultation
  • Network facilitation
  • Facilitation of agency—financial institution partnerships.
  • Provision of financial literacy curriculum and training materials.
  • Technical Assistance, coaching, and communication by e-mail and telephone
  • ISED also provides IDA workshops, conferences and institutes, webinar based trainings, and consultation and evaluation for municipalities and state government.

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The Office of Refugee Resettlement

Project Manager

Marijana Ababovic