Technical Assistance to Refugee Micro-Enterprise Development Programs


ISED is a pioneer in the microenterprise and asset development field. Since 1987, it has helped individuals and organizations design and deliver programs and systems to enable low and moderate income people access capital for business start-up or expansion. ISED is internationally recognized for its microenterprise field leadership and innovation.

Project Overview

ISED's goals for its clients are to help them to effectively and efficiently use program resources and loan capital. Our technical assistance and training services are focused on helping agencies increase their volume of business, lower transaction costs, and to manage risk wisely.

ISED also helps organizations scale up their operations, leverage funds from multiple sources, and to earn income from their program activities. ISED helps staffs, agencies, and organizations understand that the effective microenterprise program must also operate like a business.

Organizational Profile of Beneficiaries

ISED serves organizations operating with funds from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Microenterprise Development Program. Represented organizations include traditional refugee service providers and mainstream community development corporations for whom refugee-specific programming is just one part of their total projects.

Project Activities

ISED serves its clients with a mix of strategies and approaches that are individualized and tailored to the needs of the organization and for the complexities of the market within which it operates. These strategies and approaches include:

  • Site based technical assistance visits
  • Program assessments, design and redesign
  • Board, staff, and loan committee training
  • Program evaluation and MIS consultation
  • Network facilitation
  • Technical Assistance, coaching, and communication by e-mail and telephone

Upcoming Events

The American Enterprise Organization National Meetings, May 2009 and 2010


ISED has provided services since 1987.


  • The Office of Refugee Resettlement

Project Manager

Marijana Ababovic